Internet plans
Internet plans
Fiber optic or mobile internet - plans and prices. FASTLINK offers unlimited, fast and reliable fiber-optic or mobile Internet with speed up to 1 Gb/s throughout Lithuania.
Call now +370 5 248 4449 or after selecting the desired unlimited internet plan, click "Order" and we will contact you.
Want twice as fast internet - 200 Mbps instead of 100 Mb/s or 500 Mbps instead of 300 Mb/s? Ask our consultants for availability!
If technical conditions at the specific address are met, the plans Optimalus Plius can be modified to 200 Mb/s – 6.9 €/month and Spartusis Plius to 500 Mb/s – 8.9 €/month with a 24 month agreement.
Contact by phone +370 5 248 4449 or by email
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