TV on a smart device - TV APP

Premium 4K smart TV, not just on your TV screen, but also on your smartphone or tablet.

How do I watch TV on my phone, tablet or smart TV without additional equipment? Easily! You can watch TV online by installing the FASTLINK TV smart TV app on your smart device!

The FASTLINK TV app can be installed on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems, as well as on TVs running Tizen, webOS and AndroidTV operating systems.

Install the TV app on your smart device, create an account by filling in the form and try the FASTLINK TV app for FREE for up to 30 days!

FASTLINK TV app for Android and iOS phones, tablets

Install our TV app on your phone or tablet to take your online TV with you everywhere. You won't miss important shows, sports events and other live and archived TV content. Whether you're on holiday, entertaining or any outing where there's no TV, smart television is close by. FASTLINK Smart TV will also work where there is a poor internet connection. Our IP TV video and audio streaming uses Adaptive bitrate streaming technology that adapts to the quality of the internet.

FASTLINK TV app for TVs with AndroidTV, webOS, Tizen

If you have a smart TV with a Tizen, webOS or AndroidTV operating system, you may find that installing the FASTLINK TV app on your TV will be sufficient to watch the online TV we supply. No other equipment is needed.

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