Fastlink - the first 4K television supplier in Lithuania!

Fastlink - the first 4K television supplier in Lithuania!

We are delighted to present you 4K Ultra HD TV that has never been seen before!

In addition to being the provider of the most basic HD programming in its core portfolio, Fastlink now offers 4K Ultra HD TV to its discerning customers.

4K applications have four times the picture quality compared to HD and can be viewed on a four times larger screen without sacrificing quality.

To enjoy the benefits of 4K, you need a 4K TV set and a Fastlink TVIP S-BOX v.605 that supports this resolution, which can be found on the Fastlink hardware page.
HOME 4K program is characterized by soothing and relaxing nature views and sounds, so the program has already been enjoyed by audiences outside Lithuania.
The first 4K (Ultra HD) programs in Lithuania on HOME 4K:

  • 300 scenic locations from around the world;
  • Only unique authoring content;
  • Broadcast 24 hours a day;
  • No advertising;
  • And all in 4K (Ultra HD) format!

If you would like to order a Fastlink smart 4K Ultra HD TV, contact our managers at 8 5 248 44 49, email or fill out the inquiry form on our site.

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