Equipment and instructions

IPTV receivers TVIP are smart TV receivers designed to receive smart digital TV signals transmitted over packet data networks. They can be used with analogue TVs, audio amplifiers, VCRs and other home reception and recording devices. It can also accept HD and 4K ultra HD (high definition) programs.

The set-top boxes have media players that allow you to watch videos, digital photos and play music. Smart Add-ons support the archive of applications so you can watch your favorite programs at your convenience.

Purchased or planning to buy a new TV? It's no secret that most new TVs support the 4K Ultra HD format, so why pay for something you don't use? In that case, it is worth upgrading your IPTV receiver and seeing your smart TV in 4K Ultra HD! 4x brighter picture than Full HD and the ability to sit closer to the TV without sacrificing picture quality.

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