Fiber-optic internet

Not enough internet speed? The current service provider does not guarantee the quality of the connection? Join Fastlink and forget about these problems forever! Fast and reliable fiber-optic internet connection at affordable prices in Vilnius and its suburbs.

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Smart TV

Even 100 TV programs at an exorbitantly low price! Fastlink Smart TV in 4K (Ultra HD) format will take your leisure to an unprecedented level! Take the opportunity to get discounts and order today.

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CCTV is an indispensable preventive security measure, but it is often complicated and expensive. We offer a cheaper and simpler alternative - a solution based on cloud computing. The most challenging work is done by our professionals, and you can monitor camera footage or real-time video.

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FASTLINK - pirmasis 4K ULTRA HD televizijos tiekėjas Lietuvoje!

4K (arba Ultra HD) turi pakankamai pikselių, kad užpildytų keturis Full HD 1080p ekranus. Su keturis kartus daugiau pikselių galima atvaizduoti keturis kartus detalesnį vaizdą.



Pay for a year ahead - get a 5% discount on your subscription!

Television plan FREE only 5.90 €
Television plan FREE only 5.90 €
Has internet but no TV? Plan FREE just for you! Order and try for 1 month for free. FREE plan benefits: Connect via...
A GIFT to you and your friend!
A GIFT to you and your friend!
If your friend does not use Fastlink services yet - invite Him and we will GIVE us both 1 month free Fastlink service...
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Fastlink news - TV screensavers!

Fastlink news - TV screensavers!

Choose by mood. Create a cozy evening by the fireplace and enjoy the serenity it radiates. Or r...

2021-05-26 11:58 Read more
Radio on your TV

Radio on your TV

More than 10 radio stations on your TV screen. Turn on the radio and listen to the news, your fav...

2021-01-05 13:00 Read more
TV on a smart device.

TV on a smart device.

Fastlink delivers great news to its customers! From now on, you can enjoy a high-definition 4K s...

2020-12-22 14:53 Read more
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